New Vintage Day – 1st of July 2018

We have a short break in the history of the Domain because of an important event which occurred on Sunday the 1st of July. The pictures from this perfect day were taken by Alexis Rostan Photographie. Every year, to introduce the new vintage to my clients, I plan a special event on Domain grounds. This time, … Continue reading New Vintage Day – 1st of July 2018

4 – The winemaking facility

Vines restructuring well underway, it was time to start working on the ‘chai’ (Translator’s comment: French word for the actual winemaking facility where the grapes are turned into wine, pronounced a bit like BAY). My project, insane as it was; to produce my first wine in this chai following the very first harvest, looming on … Continue reading 4 – The winemaking facility